Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Power of Home Loan Pre-Approval

“Power” is not a word you typically associate with obtaining financing for a home purchase, but it should be.

Your power source is: pre-approval.

Do you know what the difference is between Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval?

Pre-Qualification means that the lender you approach for the...

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Sell Your Home Fast - Home Staging Secrets

Selling your home can be a very trying experience. 

If you have small children in the home this can be multiplied trying to keep the clutter from “showing up” at the wrong time; 2 buyers just showed up with their agent to walk the home…

If possible, you want stage your home to highlight its best assets.

Being able to move out of your home so there is zero clutter and then stage your home.

Here are some thoughts from Global news in Toronto.

What is home staging?
Jennifer Walker, owner of Toronto-based Pearl Street Home Staging, defines it as “the process of determining and then highlighting a home’s best features to ensure it appeals to as wide an audience as possible. The goal is to make the home stand out in both pictures and in viewings so buyers walk away wanting to live there.”
How much does home staging cost?
Home staging can range in price. According to Walker, factors that influence the cost are:
·         the square footage of the home
·         whether it’s a vacant property and will require rental of furniture and accessories, or
·         if it’s an occupied home and the stager will be working with existing furniture and accessories... Read more here…

Home Staging 10 Minute Room Transformation

You should probably hire a pro to stage your home.

Most people get emotionally attached to their “stuff.” Problem is many times your stuff is not as attractive as what can be with a professional home staging company.

The trick here is to really bring the assets of your home to life through staging. takes a good look at this idea.

“There’s a big difference between designing for someone’s tastes and remerchandizing a home to appeal to as many people as possible,” says Kathy Burke of Sensational Home Staging in Danville, CA. Getting it right is a critical and enigmatic art. Don’t panic! We got some stagers to reveal their secrets to help you navigate the process.
Don’t take it personally
We know you love the way you set up your living room. That eclectic collection of wicker baskets from all your European travels stacked up in the corner?
Toss your stuff, and disconnect emotionally
For many sellers, home staging will be the first time they realize they’re really, actually moving. Family pictures come down, the sofa goes into storage, and suddenly this place you called yours is looking less and less like you.
Stay out of the picture(s)
According to the 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 92% of buyers use the Internet to look for homes—meaning the pictures posted alongside your home’s listing are wildly important. Read the rest here.. 

Using a home stager to create a potential elevated lifestyle based on your home will attract your best buyers.

Elite Staging in New Jersey explains it very well. “You can fish without bait!”

How we sell homes has changed drastically due to the Internet and social media. Today’s buyers are savvy and proactive when purchasing a home.

They do their research and ferret out the houses they want to visit based on your online presentation (Multiple Listing Service, Zillow and/or Trulia). They then contact their Realtor with a select list of homes they want to view in person.

Your photos are the “bait” that attracts 95% of buyers to your house. This is why so many sellers have smartened up and call professional home stagers to prepare and market their homes.

This is not a new concept; model homes have been around forever, successfully selling out entire communities of townhouses, condos, spec homes and apartments. Read more here..

The bottom line is, when you are going to sell your home, really try and do it right. 
Plan way ahead.

Find the best real estate agent you can. They should be savvy in the best ways to market your home on the Internet.

They should also be strong negotiators not just a mouth piece who tells you to lower the price because no offers are coming in.

If you are buying a home in Arizona, please give the Blair Mortgage Team a quick call. 

We are here to serve you and we are well connected with the people you might need should you be moving from outside of Arizona.